Extraordinary Missionary Month - October 2019

Pope Francis has set October 2019 as an Extraordinary Missionary Month (EMM) to foster greater awareness of "missio ad gentes" (mission to all peoples) and to animate the missionary transformation of Church life and pastoral activity. World Mission Sunday (WMS) will be celebrated in this EMM on October 20. The resources in the links below are presented to help inform, inspire and invite the fullest celebration in this special missionary moment:


We are on the News

The SVD mission house in Chiay was on the Yahoo Taiwan news. The portal website labeled the SVD as "power-saving king", because the SVD has saved the use of eletricity at the mission house up to 40%. Click the link below to read the whole article:

叫他超級節電王 嘉義市天主教聖言會節省40%用電



SVD General Chapter 2018

XVIII General Chapter
gencap18 opening mass
Video: https://youtu.be/ItLZ_Wx8lqY


A Guide to follow the development of the XVIII General Chapter on the Internet


St. Joseph Freinademetz

In the spring morning of April 15, 1852, a baby boy was born to a farm couple in Oies, a village in the south Tyrolean Alps. On the same day he was baptized and named Joseph. He was the fourth child of his parents, and had twelve brothers and sisters, four of whom died soon after birth.



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