Daily Lectio Divina (2017.12.11)

天主聖言 (路加5:17-26)

路加5:17好像在敘述與法利塞人和法學士五個衝突的引言,這五個衝突的次第路加與馬爾谷相同(路5:17-6:11 ;谷2:1-3:6)。為此路加在本段一開始就舉出在場的兩等人,他們之來,一定是窺察耶穌的。大概在加里肋亞各會堂向民眾講解法律的這兩等人不多,遂由猶太各地和耶路撒冷把這樣的人調來。


Bible translation

Bible translation into one of the abiriginal languages in Taiwan by Fr. Anton Weber, SVD



St. Joseph Freinademetz

In the spring morning of April 15, 1852, a baby boy was born to a farm couple in Oies, a village in the south Tyrolean Alps. On the same day he was baptized and named Joseph. He was the fourth child of his parents, and had twelve brothers and sisters, four of whom died soon after birth.



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